Higher Formations

Hi all, I have noticed that students are struggling to get marks in formations questions. Some are on the right lines but are being too descriptive. You really need to explain those processes not just mention them so I have prepared some answers for you to use. There are so many features from Glaciation and […]

Higher Revision

An early Christmas gift for you….   Some lovely revision resources!   Higher Atmosphere – Revision 4 IN 1 Higher Biosphere – Revision 4 IN 1 Higher Climate Change – Revision 4 IN 1 Higher Development and Health – Revision 4 IN 1 Higher Hydrosphere – Revision 4 IN 1 Higher Population – Revision 4 […]

Higher Climate Change

Post for Higher Climate Change. Unfortunately there has been lots of pupil absence recently so I have added resources to help you catch up with Climate Change. The good news is that Climate Change is the only topic from N5 still in our higher so hopefully you will know some stuff.   1. Higher Climate […]

National 4/5 Urban Topic

Yay! you are nearly finished your second topic. We are making very good progress through our lessons and have also been able to process added value data which will save a lot of time come March. (Deadline was today). As you are out on work experience next week I have organised your homework and revision […]

Urban Change Unit

Our first unit is now complete. Now you should be spending time consolidating¬†what you have been learning over the last few weeks. Once you have built your case study knowledge you need to practice as much as possible to try and get to the¬†Higher standard. This included past paper questions in class and at home […]

Prep for your Higher Assigment

Yeah I know assignments don’t actually need to be done and dusted for higher un till March but at Newbattle I like to get our geographers off to a flyer! Sometime in March (date to be confirmed) you will sit your added value exam where you will have to write up your fieldwork under exam […]